Distinguished Lawyers at DOSEANU & ASSOCIATES

The profession of lawyer is a noble, difficult, yet dynamic, profession that always brings new challenges and rewards to those who practice it with the consciousness of the role of the social mission. Undoubtedly, lawyers have an essential role. Thus, their role lies not only in being loyal to the interests of the persons to whom they provide legal assistance but also in ensuring that the act of justice is properly performed. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to all our causes. I admire and congratulate you on everything you've done. I wish you great success and brilliant results in the honest pursuit of the profession of lawyer, an example of solidarity between legal professionals for the correct application of the law, fair, impartial and sustainable.

Medical Malpraxis

We have appealed to the legal services of this law firm to represent us in a process of elucidating a case of malpractice, that of our little girl, Patricia. Following this malpractice, Patricia died at the age of 5 years and 7 months. Malpractice is not one of the most common cases a lawyer has and not many are willing to enter into such a fight. It takes a lot of work, a lot of documentation, it's about medical knowledge. Also, in a case of malpractice, perhaps the biggest struggle is with the prejudices of those involved in the investigation, with the indoctrinated system of sick convictions, beliefs that "always the dead is to blame". I know this case of malpractice is one of the most difficult cases, once because of the complexity of the Patricia case and then because of the countless obstacles that those involved in investigating a case of malpractice and their desire to delay the investigation. We wanted to represent our best lawyer, from whom we see maximum involvement, interest, desire to bring the truth to light. And in all these years since our collaboration began we have seen these things. Also, what seems to me to be extremely important to the families of the victims of malpractice, I have seen and felt moral support. And that's not everyone who is able to offer it. Only those who engage body and soul for your cause. And with my hand on my heart I can say that Doseanu & Asociatii were able. Throughout the criminal investigation and the courtroom, a team has formed and they have always come up with new ways of fighting to bring the truth to light, going even to the ECHR. In a word, the term I would use to characterize the way in which this law firm is working is PROFESSIONALISM. I am absolutely convinced that we made the best choice when we decided to call on Doseanu & Asociaţii.

Devotament towards the client

Your law firm deserves all the respect and esteem for the devotion and high class it demonstrates to its customers. With great esteem Rodica Sabau.

A team that fights for justice

First of all, I would like to write a very brief presentation of the case that we have gone through, a cause that has gone through 4 years unresolved. I was the victim of a traffic accident in 2012, well over 120 days of medical care, serious injuries, and as it is usually known that the insurers do not want to pay any damages, I decided that I needed a lawyer . I learned from an acquaintance that the lawyer Răzvan Doseanu is specialized in such causes, representing the victims of road accidents, I searched the internet for the phone number of the lawyer Doseanu and asked for a appointment. Getting to the office, at the first meeting I felt I was where I must be, I was received with respect by a fantastic team. After I was several times at Mr Doseanu's office, I came to the conclusion that every person knows what to do. "Professionalism," this is the right word to say about them. I thank all the people who have worked in my cause and have obtained a favorable court order for me, I can get the compensation after 5 years of suffering and I can think of the two operations that are waiting for me, because until we have called Mr. Doseanu I couldn't think about them becouse of financial reasons. If I had to offer a rating of up to 5 stars I would give my 5-star to Doseanu & Asociatii Law Firm. It is a sincere, fair team, a team that struggles for its customers to the end, a team that struggles for RIGHTS to the last moment. I WISH YOU WELL TO ALL THE PEOPLE WORKING AT DOSEANU & ASSOCIATES. Let God help you on the way.


I would like to thank Mr. Doseanu Răzvan and DOSEANU & ASSOCIATES lawyers. Ten years ago, with a revolting tragedy (the wife died in a simple caesarean section), I turned to the lawyer Doseanu Razvan becouse more than 7 months passed and no one wanted to say what happened in that surgery room. Following the insistence that Mr.Doseanu pressured at the Institute of Forensic Medicine, the first verdict (MEDICAL ERROR) was given. Then there was a second forensic report in Timisoara, which showed that both doctors were guilty. The third report, which was made at Mina Minovici, Bucharest, followed the same report "that the doctors are guilty of the death of the patient. Then the real battle started with the whole medical system and the two doctors. I want to mention that the gynecologist had a great influence in Bihor County. First of all, it was a very hard fight because it took another 7 advance notice from Mina Minovici for the judge to give the first verdict in which he claimed that the doctors were guilty. The trial lasted about 7 years until the Oradea Court of Appeals was finally pronounced, where both doctors went out to blamed. Once again, I want to thank Mr. Doseanu Razvan, for fighting with the three lawyers of the doctors. Due to the work that Doseanu's lawyer has done, i think that is the only case of malpractice in Bihor County settled in favor of the patient. "Believing that we have finished this fight to find out the truth and demonstrate reality in our hospitals", another fight for the damages that have been decided at the Oradea Court of Appeals followed. This lasted for about a year, despite the pressures on the attorney and his team, they proved to be professional and of great character. Thank you once again DOSEANU & ASSOCIATES.

We recomand with great trust

You are a law firm wholly committed to the client and do everything to help. You have no idea how much your help meant to us and implicitly for the other parties in the process, because when you start work you do it seriously, fighting with professionalism and courage for customer problems. We were lucky to have known such a law office, and certainly the same are the people who are calling to you. The services you offer are of perfect quality, at the highest standards. We strongly recommend to all people who need real help. I assure you dear people that if there is anything to do in your trouble or your problem to resolve these lawyers will do it. You have been very helpful and thank you wholeheartedly, our lawyer, Razvan Doseanu.

Professionalism, tenacity and honesty

In the last 10 years, as a civil servant of special status, I was three times the client of the master Doseanu Răzvan. He defended me at the Orade Court of Appeal, the Alba Iulia Court of Appeal and the Craiova Court of Appeal, respectively at ICCJ. Professionals, tenacity and honesty have consistently characterized the representation and legal assistance services that I have benefited from Mr. Răzvan Doseanu and his team.

Fight for justice

I thank Doseanu & Associates for the way they represented me in my trial. The lawyers team is a sincere educated one who struggles for clients to the end and is fighting for justice. I wish you only well and as many won trials as possible for all lawyers who are part of Doseanu & Associates

Thank You Doseanu&Associates Law firm

The lawyers that form today Doseanu & Asociaţii represent me from 2012. I have appealed to the legal services of this law firm to represent me in two lawsuits: criminal and administrative, both won due to the professionalism and seriousness with which they were represented courts. During the three years of trial, many documentation and some expertise to prove my innocence were necessary. We have struck a number of obstacles from the Romanian "democratic" system (understood by some as being the masters of all), but with the perseverance, experience and seriousness of this law firm, we have won the two processes. I would like to thank once again all the advocates of this society who have been involved in my representation during the years of trial. Thanks to the law firm "Doseanu & Associates"!

I recommend Doseanu & Associates Law Firm!

After a tragic accident, when my dad died I turned to the services of the law firm Doseanu & Associates. I want to thank Mr. Doseanu and especially Advocate Ioana Tent who represented us in court! They responded with promptness to every trial, and they succeeded in doing justice to our process! I recommend Doseanu & Associates Law Firm!

Sincere thanks

I hereby convey to you congratulations and thanks, as a sign of appreciation and respect, for the way you have treated and involved in my cause. As a result of our collaboration, I would like to express my sincere thanks. In the hope of an equally good collaboration in the future, thank you and the law firm Doseanu & Asociaţii and I wish you great success in your work!

In short, a team of specialists with an outstanding leader

What you can do when someone comes in and tells you that you did a crime the night before, when you're aware that you did not do that. You can tell the others that this is not the case, you can get stressed out and search for the truth, but you are against the system, which has a handful of tools to get what it wants. Yes, unfortunately, this is Romania, a country where there are still people innocent in jail, as I have been for more than a year. However, the help came from God, and God works through people, and besides the family, my help came to me through Mr. Advocate Razvan Doseanu. I found in him a special support in criminal matters, but also a moral support, I found a human in the true sense of the word, who trusted me when all of them doubted, a man who knows the right and right judgment, a man who respects you no matter what clock you wear, but also a man who tells you the truth about what he thinks, whether you're a simple man, a prosecutor or a judge, and that's what makes him special, he goes all the way no matter what for justice and truth . With the help of Mr.Doseanu, I obtained the three acquittals by which I regained my liberty that had been unjustly stolen to me. In short, a team of specialists with an outstanding leader. Thanks for your help and trust and we wish you much success in support of the truth!

I highly recommend this law firm

My collaboration with Doseanu & Associates began in 2013 when I appealed to lawyer Doseanu Razvan to represent me in the criminal proceedings in which I was involved as an injured party due to a road accident. I would like to emphasize that the information we had about the professionalism and promptness of Mr. Doseanu Razvan and his collaborators have come true since the beginning of our collaboration. Our collaboration was a long distance since I lived in Bucharest, but Mr. Doseanu and his collaborators kept me constantly informed of the trial stage and the actions they would take, consulting with me and informing me each time in advance. I strongly recommend this law firm for the seriousness and professionalism that characterizes it.

Thank you, Mr. Doseanu Razvan

My name is Ciocan Lucia, I am from Beiuş and I am the manager of SC Milfruct SRL having the fruit and vegetables sales profile. In 2007, following a police control. I was prosecuted for tax evasion. In 2008, I was notified that my accounts had been filed, and I was asked for the insolvency of the company I manage, losing my business and the deposit in which I operate. From 2008 until 2014 I was examined and invited monthly to make statements. In 2014 my property was seized and sent to trial. I turned to the services of the lawyer Răzvan Doseanu, who was, according to some lawyers friends, the best in criminal law. Thank God I came to be represented by this man in court, who from the beginning gave me the confidence that I can not be convicted of an act I did not commit, due to some officials who have handled the case how they pleased. We won the trial at the law court, but the prosecutor appealed, we reached the Court of Appeal, with two judges. Again, due to the abilities and skill of Mr. Razvan Doseanu, we have won. Following these facts, losing everything: my business, my deposit, my husband and my children peace, I again appealed to the same lawyer Răzvan Doseanu to do my right. I can say with the hand on my heart that this lawyer is among the first lawyers in the country, he and the law firm he represents. Thank you, Mr. Răzvan Doseanu, I Ciocan Lucia and my family.