criminal-law criminal-law


Criminal law includes rules that establish the facts constituting the offenses and the penalties applicable to persons who have committed them, aiming to restore the rule of law.

civil-law civil-law


Civil law establishes the relationships between natural and /or legal persons, persons who are equal under the law, regarding family, assets and property rights, civil obligations, contracts, inheritances, etc.

commercial-law commercial-law


Commercial law deals with trade actions and relations between traders, such as the production and movement of goods, the execution of works and the provision of services.

administrative-law administrative-law


Administrative law establishes the activity of public administration, the relations between state administrative bodies and relations between administration and citizens.

tax-law tax-law


Tax law is a branch of public law that deals with tax legal relationships that are born in the process of collecting taxes and duties, or in the process of administering them.

labor-law labor-law


Labor law is that law branch made of all the legal norms governing individual and collective social working relationships established between employers and employees based on individual or collective labor agreements.

family-law family-law


Family law regulates personal and patrimonial relationships that stem from marriage, adoption and relationships assimilated by law, in some aspects, with family relationships in order to protect and strengthen the family.

human-rights human-rights


Human Rights is a branch that establishes human dignity as a point of reference, determining the rights and faculties that, taken as a whole, are necessary to guarantee its protection.



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