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Doseanu & Asociații is a professional association of lawyers established on a foundation of respect for the litigants. Structurally, the association has juridical specialized departments, thereby being able to provide assistance in Court. As a result of hard work and professional dedication, our society guarantees finding the best solutions  and developing the most effective strategies for the civil and the criminal cases, it provides respect for the litigant and protection for his interests, considered significant values for the society-client relationship. Availability, innovation and professionalism recommend us as a partner of commercial companies, institutions or any other collective entity to provide legal services or to protect their interests.



Razvan Doseanu legal 100% din 9 februarie 2019

Pentru Cluj - Invitat Razvan Doseanu

Consumul de etnobotanice este...LEGAL

Statul român, obligat de o instanţă din Oradea să plătească daune de 5.000 de euro pentru un proces prea lung

Un Nou Dosar De Malpraxis Câștigat De Societatea Profesională De Avocați ”DOSEANU&ASOCIAȚII”